Three Bedroom Ideas Aqua with Different Ways of Design Arrangement

Are you planning on re-decorating your bedroom? Many people would usually resort to this if they feel bored looking at their room. There are all sorts of things that must be done for it though. But, before even starting to redesign your room, you should plan on certain bedroom idea first. How about deciding it based on certain color scheme then? If you like aqua color, we have three bedroom ideas aqua here to consider with different design arrangement.

bedroom idea with aqua accents and walls

bedroom idea with aqua accents and walls

Bedroom Idea with Aqua Accents and Walls

The idea of making aqua bedroom can be realized in all sorts of ways. Just because you want to realize aqua-looking bedroom, it does not mean that you have to make it aqua-toned all over. You will have to combine it with other colors, but still makes the aqua to be the majority of the color scheme in the room. Look at the image of bedroom idea above. It consists of two rooms simply separated by door. The walls and the ceiling are in aqua, in one room.

Meanwhile, the other room has more white in. Look at the room on the front in that image then. Besides aqua, you will have to paint white the door and have the floor in wood laminate. You can hang aqua lamp on the ceiling with accents of other closer colors to the aqua. You can be sure to choose white bed. However, using pink bedding will make it all the more cute and girly. Combine it with other colors like aqua, white, and red. It will look nice.

This aqua bedroom design idea will need you to make nice statement on the wall behind the bed. Try to paint brown branches with red flowers on them. Stand simple nightstand with brown top and put vase of red flowers on it near the bed. For a finishing touch, you can put carpet with the color of aqua, yellow, red, and pink in stripes motif. It might be simple bedroom idea, but it is cute and perfect for girls. This is one of the ways to realize such design idea.

Bedroom Idea with Aqua on the Room Furniture

bedroom idea with aqua on the room furniture

bedroom idea with aqua on the room furniture

Now, we have different kind of bedroom ideas aqua here. To put it simply, we don’t need to paint the aqua on the ceiling or the walls. So, what do we need to have aqua color on to realize this design idea? It is none other than the furniture, of course. You can see the example of this design idea in the image above. You see, that bedroom is basically in white. It includes the ceiling, the walls, the windows, and the floor. It is actually perfect neutral layout.

It is because you can add other color in the room easily. Try to look for aqua beds and get white mattresses and bedding for them. Put clear nightstands beside the beds with white night lamps on. You can have your rug on the floor in white too. However, we would like you to hang white thin curtain and cover it with aqua curtain that has cut-outs motif on it. This will make white and aqua looks suitable to each other in the room. It looks nice too.

Aqua is calming color. It is not that much different than blue. You can always say this design as bedroom ideas blue. Well, you can always add more furniture in, in this design. You can look for white framed standing mirror with aqua flowers decors on. You can also keep navy blue-aqua pillow in the white shelves. This will make the room look all the more beautiful. See? Even placing aqua furniture is enough to let you realize this bedroom design idea.

Bedroom Design Idea in Stunning Aqua Blue

bedroom design idea in stunning aqua blue

bedroom design idea in stunning aqua blue

This is one more bedroom design idea you should consider here. Upon your first look of it, you would say that the room sure is aqua and blue. It does look like that it has everything in those colors. Well, although it might seem so, it is actually not. There are other colors included within. The walls are indeed in aqua blue. However, the ceiling and the windows are in white. Furthermore, it has its floor covered with carped with stripes of blue and white colors.

The windows’ curtains are thin and slightly blue with bold blue dots on. Here, you have to put white bed and white mattress in. Add some bluish white pillows on. Near the window, you can also put purple sofa with its ottoman. These are what make it one of bedroom ideas aqua worth to realize. It looks unique in its own way after all. This is how you can realize aqua color scheme in different way than the bedroom design ideas earlier. Make sure to consider it.