Romantic Bedroom Ideas: Simple yet Undeniably Stunning Ones to Try

You don’t have to make very great plan to make romantic bedroom. Not to mention, such plan would usually cost so much money. It might even need greater time to finish than you think. So, if you can’t afford lots of money and spare so much time, you should just resort to simple romantic bedroom ideas. Even simple ideas can be amazingly great, you know. So, here we would like to share you some examples you can try to realize for your own bedroom.

romantic golden brown looking bedroom

romantic golden brown looking bedroom

Romantic, Golden Brown-Looking Bedroom

Take a look at that image of romantic bedroom above. We are sure that you would be amazed upon your first sight of it. Well, why not? This romantic idea of bedroom offers quite unique atmosphere in the room. It somehow feels like the atmosphere of the past and somehow looks magical. It is all possible because of the design idea itself. If you look at it thoroughly, it is actually pretty simple. It is not that hard to realize this on your own. Let’s get started then.

In order to realize this idea, you will have to paint your walls and ceiling in beige. You can use wood laminate for the floor. Hang beige bed canopies in each side of the walls around where you would put the bed in. After that, you can consider adding dark brown bed in the room with pale white mattress and bedding. Put dark brown nightstand beside the bed then. Of course, these would not be enough to make the bedroom look so romantic for you.

Yes, we recommend you to hang similar hanging lamps in the image above. The lamp shade should have cut-outs in antique pattern. Also, make sure that you use the lamps that illuminate the room with pale yellowish light. You can get to see its romantic look and feel if you turn on these lamps at night. The light passing through the cut-outs will reflect on its surroundings. You can say it is one of bedroom ideas brown too. It is sure to offer romantic, sepia air in.

Romantic, Yellow Sunset Bedroom Design

romantic yellow sunset bedroom design

romantic yellow sunset bedroom design

Let’s move on to the second bedroom idea here. Have you taken good look of the image provided above? It really is romantic, right? However, it really is simple at the same time. It is best to realize in medium-sized room. In order to realize this kind of romantic bedroom ideas, you need to make neutral layout in the room by painting the ceiling and the walls in white. Be sure to paint the accent wall in yellow. Then, you can use wood laminate for the floor.

Add dark brown bed with wicker headboard in. Be sure to hang white bed canopies to give quite some privacy in the bed. Choose white color for the bed mattress and bedding. Put dark brown nightstand in each side of the bed. Then, you need to choose lantern-like lamp and hang it above each nightstand. You have to make sure that the lamps must illuminate with yellow light. This will bring romantic feel of sunset. You need to add more things though.

Put two yellow pillows among white pillows on the bed. Also, you can give brown, patterned bed scarf on the bed too. If you include reddish orange picture on the white wall of the room, you can put red alarm clock on the nightstand to connect the color scheme. This is how you realize this idea of romantic bedroom. Isn’t that easy? It is just the best place to spend romantic time together with your partner. See? You don’t even have to work hard to realize it.

Romantic, Red Love Bedroom Design Idea

romantic red love bedroom design idea

romantic red love bedroom design idea

We will include the common idea of romantic bedroom that uses red color here. Look at the image above. It is just another awesome, romantic bedroom to consider. Of course, it is also another simple one to realize. You can start by painting the ceiling, the walls, and the windows in white. Give your walls a bit red lines to match the color scheme more. You can use white for the floor too. Put white bed and bedding in with two red pillows among white ones.

Also, add red scarf on too. After that, you can hang white curtain to act as the screen for the bed here. Put round mirror above the headboard and use white nightstand with glass top. Give the nightstand vase of white and red flowers, white lamp, and white photo frame. Choose white curtain for the windows. Then, add white sofa with red cushion and white side table with vase of roses on. Give the floor gray carpet with red edge. This will do to finish this kind of romantic bedroom ideas.