How to Make Your Own Ant Trap Efficiently

In the house, we may often find that our food has been feasted by many ants and it makes us lose our intention in eating the food. Ants can be such a trouble when we find it in that condition for that reason; you surely want to get rid of them. Now, I will give you some suggestion for how to make your own ant trap so you will be able to solve this problem easily. Ants do make many troubles when it comes to the house and here are the steps to solve the problem.


Using Borax with Sugar Powder

In the first step of dealing with the ant, here, you need to get the best result by using borax. Here, borax is an affective media for killing ants because it will poison the ants. Borax will kill them even after the ants return to the colony and spread the borax poison to the whole colony. Now, when you have got the borax, you need to get the other ingredients for the ant traps like powdered sugar. Here are the steps to do it.

When you have prepared all of the stuff which are needed for making the trap, now it is time for you to make the trap. To make the trap, first, you need to mix the borax, powdered sugar, and water in a bowl which you have prepared like the picture 1 above. Here, you need to mix them well with the ratio of 1:3 for the borax and sugar. You should put 1 spoon of borax for 3 spoons of sugar. When you have mixed them well, it is time for you to get the best result.

Now, for the execution in how to create your own ant trap, you need to prepare a sponge or cotton balls in the mixture. When you have soaked the cotton or sponge, it is time for you to put the trap in the ant’s track or you can place it near the nest. Placing the cotton near the nest will be more effective. The problem in doing this effective way is that you have to work more for finding the nest of the ant. When the ant has brought the trap inside the nest, it will be consumed by more ants and it will lead them to death.

Using Vinegar Water


When you can’t find any vinegar around your local area, you can start having vinegar as your mean to defeat ant attack in your house. Here, vinegar is quite effective as it comes with high acid that can kill ants easily. Here, you need to pour the vinegar in the place where the ants stay. Here are the steps to do it.

First, in how to make your own ant trap, you need to mix the vinegar with water to reduce its concentration. A strong concentration of vinegar will also damage the environment around it so it is better for you to make it less concentrated by adding more water. Then, you need to find the nest of the ants. It is a little bit tricky to find its nest because you need to follow their trails. When you have found the nest, you can pour the water inside the nest and let the ants sink with the acid.

In the second way, you can also place a bait to get the ants concentrated in the place where you want. You can use sweet foods like candy or sugar and spread it all over the place where you want to be a place for killing the ants. When the ants have gathered in one place, now, you can pour the vinegar just like in the picture 2 below. You can pour directly in the ants and the baits to kill them. In this step of how to make your ant trap, you will need to be patient for waiting the ants.

Peanut Butter Traps


When you are dealing with ants and you get to mix an easy ingredient with the mixture of trap, you can get the peanut butter for the trap. Here, the peanut butter is good for the trap moreover when it deals with the ants which do not bring the foods back to nest. Here, you can mix the peanut butter with borax for killing the ants, and then, you need to put the mixture over plastic in the place where ants mostly attack like the picture 3 below.

Those are the steps which you can do in how to make your own ant trap. Most of the traps will not cost you a lot of money. The borax can also be a good mean in how to get rid of caterpillars when you face such condition in your garden. Now, it is time for you to do and let your environment free from ant disturbance.