Living Room Remodel: 3 Design Ideas for Minimalist Living Room Spaces

Designing room in your house sometimes can be fun, but sometimes can be a bit tricky as well. We are sure that you have ever experienced of having problem remodeling minimalist room space. We will be so restricted with the smallness of the space after all. However, it is not impossible at all to give new look to your minimalist living room. We have 3 design ideas of living room remodel you can consider here. Let’s pay close attention to them below. We have prepared three different living room designs with three different styles to follow.

transitionally designed living room idea

transitionally designed living room idea

Transitionally Designed Living Room Idea

If you are tired of modern living room looks you often see these days, you can always change other style design to realize. If you don’t even want to realize the classic look of the traditional style, why not trying transitional style design then? The example of this style being realized can be seen from the image above. If you have room space with fireplace and big glass windows, you can be sure to try realizing this living room idea here. How to do it?

First of all, you can paint the walls and ceiling in white. Then, be sure to laminate the floor with reddish wood floor laminate. Put basic, brown table in front of the fireplace. After that, you can place single espresso sofas in two opposite sites, like shown in the living room idea image above. As for the front of the table, you can put beige long sofa with red and beige pillows. Having wooden side tables beside the sofa would be nice as well.

Put table lamp with orange shade on one of those tables. It is good to put artistic, swans lighting in the corner of the room with framed picture on wall and pot of green plant below it. Also, be sure to decorate the upper space of the fireplace with framed classic picture on wall too. Then, put candles on two opposite sides with clock in the middle. You may have classic brown fan hanging from the ceiling too. See? This idea is classic, but pleasant too.

Modern, Gray-Green Living Room Design

modern gray green living room design

modern gray green living room design

Do you want modern idea instead? If so, this remodeling idea can be nice to try. If you have room space like shown in the image of living room remodel above, you can start by painting the ceiling with white, wall with light gray, and frames and edges with espresso. Give the window white curtain with brown pattern. Put white tall light in the corner beside the window for room lighting. Then, lay beige carpet on the floor for warm touch on feet.

After that, you can start placing three-person gray sofa in front of window and two-person gray sofa beside it but facing the door. Place unique table in the middle like shown in the image that has reddish legs and glass top. Place one deep orange cushioned chair a bit sideways in the corner. You can put gray pillows on all the seats, but consider including some green-based pillows to add pop of color. Try putting green decors on the table too.

Classic, Multi-Colored Living Room Design

If you prefer classic idea, you can choose this one here. Based on the image of home interior living room ideas above, you need room with triangular roof but with no ceiling. Having all sorts of windows in the roof and walls like that can offer roomier feel inside the room. Be sure to paint the ceiling and walls in white, but leave one wall to be painted in grayish brown. Also, the floor must be given with wooden floor laminate as well.

classic multi colored living room design

classic multi colored living room design

Have the fireplace painted in white on its outer edge to seem like framing the fireplace. Then, hang abstract painting on wall above it with line of small lights above the painting itself. Side the fireplace with deep green single sofas. You can also add another abstract painting on the white wall. After that, you can put brownish orange sofa in curved formation like what can be seen in the image of living room idea above. It sure looks nice.

Be sure to put round table in front of the sofa with multi-color pattern on tabletop. Across the sofa, you can put simpler, smaller long cushioned chair too. Lay classic short carpet on the floor in front of this chair. Then, give round side table between the chair and the deep green sofa earlier. To add more colorful touch, you can place pillows on the seat with colors, like gray, red, brown, etc. both with motif and plain style. Once it is done, you have finished realizing this idea of living room remodel here. It really is worth to try.