Easy Steps How to: Remove and Replace a Doorknob

One of the most important accessories in home design and decoration is doorknob. Doorknob is very important because it functions to handle the door. With doorknob, you can easily open and close the door. However, doorknob cannot be long lasting. You may need to replace it when it is broken or looks bad. So, in this article, we will discuss about how to remove and replace a doorknob. For example, you need to replace the doorknob in your bedroom. For more detail, you can pay attention to the following tips and steps.

remove carefully the old doorknob

remove carefully the old doorknob

What to Prepare

Before you remove and replace a doorknob in your bedroom, you need to prepare everything first. It is the first thing that you should do. Firstly, you need to prepare the tools needed to remove and replace it. You need to prepare power drill. Besides that, you also need to prepare a flat-head screwdriver. Then, safety eyeglasses will also be needed. That is all what to prepare to remove and replace a doorknob.

After all the tools needed are prepared, you still need to prepare the materials. There are at least 2 main materials to replace the doorknob. The first is the screws. You have to make sure that the screws are appropriate for the new doo hardware. After you prepare everything, you can replace the doorknob with the new one so that you can apply bedroom ideas elegant now.

Remove Carefully the Old Doorknob

Now, you can start to remove the doorknob. The old doorknob should be removed carefully. You can start it by removing the installed screws that hold the old doorknob. Then, the screws will be used for the interior side of your bedroom door. So, you cannot throw away the screws. You should collect them because you will use them again. However, if the screws or there are some screws that need to be replaced, you should replace them with the new ones. For example, the old screws are rust. So, you need to use the new screws.

Besides that, a doorknob sometimes has screws on the hardware cover plates. So, you also need to remove them. It functions to loosen your old knob installed on your bedroom door. However, if there is no screw on the cover plates, you need to find a small slot that comes with metal piece. It is located on the side of the door handle. Then, you should use the key or a clip from the new doorknob. It functions to push in on the hardware metal piece. It will make the knob loosen. And you can remove it easily. It is the first step how to remove and replace a doorknob.

Remove the Underlying Knob Plate

Before you practice how to change a new doorknob, you should also pull off the underlying plate first. It functions to open the plate below. You have to make sure that it is removed well so that you can replace the knob with the new one easily. You can start by removing the screws first and you can easily pull off the plate. You may also need to use a screwdriver before installing the new one. After it is well removed, you can continue to the next step.

pull off the old latch and screws

pull off the old latch and screws

Pull Off the Old Latch and Screws

Before you install the new plate and doorknob, you have to make sure that you remove the old screws. Not only the old screws that you need to remove, but you also need to remove the latch. After all is removed, you can prepare installing the new knob easily. You can remove the screws using a power drill. To pull of the old latch, you should take out the old screws using a power drill. It will also be a good idea for you to use a screwdriver. It depends on your desire.

Install the New Doorknob

install the new doorknob

install the new doorknob

After everything is ready, you can start to install the new doorknob. Firstly, you have to customize the backset first. It is to measure the distance from the door edge to the center of the knob. Usually, doorknob is appropriate for different backsets. However, you have to make it sure first. After that, you have to make sure that the old holes are fit for the new hardware or doorknob. Usually, it is it so that you can directly install it.

Now, you are ready to install the new hardware. You can start to screw in the new latch. Then, you should set the screws well. Starts by your own hand, you should tighten them using a power drill. Lastly, you can set the new doorknob in place. Then, set the screws like the previous steps. You cannot screw in too tight because it can bind the doorknob. That is all how to remove and replace a doorknob. It is easy, is not it? You can follow those steps by your own at home.