Bedroom Ideas Accent Wall for Creative and Distinct Design in Your Room

There are many things we should learn about when it comes home design. You know, by simply changing or making certain things, you can turn the design and the atmosphere of your design to the better. One of those things would be bedroom ideas accent wall. Accent wall is the wall in the room that has different design than the others. In this opportunity, we would like to tell you some ideas of it that would be creative and distinct enough to realize in your room.

Dark Blue Accent Wall Idea with Flower Motif

Have you taken quite close look to the image above? If so, you should have known which one is what we call as the accent wall. Yes, it is the wall where the bed lies against. We are sure that you should have been familiar with such wall in bedroom design ideas. At least, you must have often seen it in various bedroom design ideas. Well, the accent wall idea for bedroom here is quite simple, actually. However, it is true that you still need some effort to realize this one.

You need to paint the wall behind your bed with dark blue color first. Paint this wall entirely, while you can leave the other walls in slight gray and the ceiling in white. You can always have your floor in wood laminate. So, would painting the wall only be enough to make creative and distinct design for your room? No, you will have to add some things on. So, why not making a painting of branches with flowers like shown in the image above then? It is a little nice touch.

Not to mention, it shouldn’t be that hard to paint it yourself. Use white to draw the branches. Be sure to start from the lower corner of the wall. It will seem like the branches growing up in natural way. Then, use gray for the flower petals and give white buds in the middle of the flowers. This will make quite an accent in the wall. Be sure to consider including bedroom ideas brown furniture shown in the image. They work and look nicely in this bedroom design.

Gray Accent Wall with White Crossing Pattern

gray accent wall with white crossing pattern

gray accent wall with white crossing pattern

Let’s move on to the second design idea here. It is not that hard to realize. However, it is a bit difficult compared to the first idea above. Well, this kind of bedroom ideas accent wall is meant for serene, gray-looking room. The bedroom in the image above does look pretty even in such color. How can it be so? It is all because this bedroom is made to be rather airy in its design. Having airy atmosphere will make the room feel calmly bright and roomy.

That is why you can see rather big white windows, white furniture, and white bedding used in the bedroom design idea above. It is because these things are needed to give airy atmosphere to the room with gray color scheme. Well, now, can you see the accent wall in the picture? You can start by painting the entire wall with gray color. Only then, you can start giving white crossing lines pattern on that gray wall. Have the windows with white curtains.

These will make the right color scheme for the bedroom. The design of the accent wall might have been simple. Even so, it won’t look that simple once you decorate the room with furniture and decors. So, this bedroom accent wall idea is just right to consider. You should be sure to try realizing it, especially with serene, gray-looking design idea like that. Even for small-sized room, this design idea with that accent wall will make your room look great.

Randomly Zigzag Wallpaper Accent Wall for Bedroom

randomly zigzag wallpaper accent wall for bedroom

randomly zigzag wallpaper accent wall for bedroom

There is one more accent wall design idea we want you to really consider. To tell you the truth, it might just be the simplest one to realize. It is because we are only going to attach wallpaper on the wall behind your bed to act as the accent wall. It saves you the trouble to paint the wall and design it on your own. To be honest, it is just the easiest way of designing the wall of your room. That is why many people like to do it instead when decorating their room.

However, even if it is the easiest way available, the problem lies in what pattern and what colors should you choose from the wallpaper. Well, if you want to some kind of black and white color scheme in your bedroom like shown in the image, you can go with wallpaper with colors, like black, gray, dark brown, and white. This kind of bedroom ideas accent wall also looks with cool with zigzag pattern. It somehow gives modern air to the bedroom for you.